Saturday, May 31, 2014

On My Mind ... 06 | 01 | 2014

After having trouble sleeping last week I found this app and decided to try it out. To my surprise it has been a miracle. Not only has it helped me fall asleep quicker and more calmly, but it also has helped keep me asleep without having nightmares (which I deal with often). They have a free version available, and an upgraded version that has more options and tracks your sleep history. If you've been having trouble sleepingIt is available for both iPhone and Android.

Stanley Cup Playoffs 

After the Sharks lost in the first round I've been a bandwagon Blackhawks fan. They're a classic team that I've always admired. They're currently battling for the Western conference title against the Kings (who I despise). Hockey is always "on my radar," but I am featuring it this week to encourage you to watch the game tonight (Sunday, June 1st at 5:00 PST on NBCS). Who ever wins this game goes on to the Stanley Cup finals and if it's anything like the past two games in this series it's going to be good. 

Lilly came out with the rest of her summer line and so much of it is adorable. The Watch Out print is my favorite in 2014 thus far (or maybe Jellies Be Jammin... or Lobstah Roll ...) If you haven't checked out what's new do that NOW. 

Any exciting discoveries this week? 

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